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Ruby on Rails Development
Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on rails is an open source full stack web application framework. The Rails framework provides web developers full capability to gather information from the web server, query the database and render templates. This enables RoR programmers to write less code and execute applications quicker. But the most impressive aspect of RoR has been its architecture which provides complete integration with modular web server interface and support for rails engine. ONET INFOTECH, a leading Ruby on Rails development firm, based in New York provides efficient and affordable services for small and mid market enterprises. We empower your business with top notch web applications developed by our expert programmers with necessary skills and expertise on Ruby on Rails framework.


What makes RoR the most flexible web application framework?

Ruby on Rails is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Because of this, it provides easy isolation of the applications layer, business logic and database layer such that you can independently work on one without affecting the other in any way. The MVC pattern also provides better code organization capabilities and scalability that facilitates code reuse.

Features of Ruby on Rails
  • Integrated AJAX Function
  • Object Oriented Database
  • Shell/ SSH access
  • Mongrel support
  • Expansion options for future requirements

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

  • It is designed to program web applications faster. For instance, Ruby on Rails uses Convention over Configuration method that lets you follow conventions while you’re coding, with only little configuration to do.
  • Scaffolding: The scaffolding option lets users create immediate prototypes for clients
  • Structured coding : Rails framework uses the MVC (model view controller) design to simplify HTTP request cycle
  • Create customized URLs which are SEO friendly
  • Error logs contain detailed descriptions to enable easier debugging of applications
  • Components can be used to modularize templates and store reusable code.
  • RoR has a routing system independent of the web server.